Giorgio Sidari

ML & Software Engineer

Custom software

I help businesses develop their products and processes, supporting them in make-or-buy evaluations, selecting vendors, designing and realizing proprietary software.

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Process analysis
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Solution design
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Product discovery
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Team management
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Full-stack development


What's your business advantage?
I help you being the best by distilling scientific research into ad-hoc, distinctive technologies powering your products.
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Portable enginnering
Mobile app to support the sales of small photovoltaic projects. 3D CAD, power and optimal setup calculation. So the engineering team can focus on big plants.
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Advanced routing
Navigation engine for pickup and delivery of multiple asset categories with different resupply policies.
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Knowledge extraction
Document indexing and linking to provide efficient access to the organisation's data lake.

Conversational technologies

Chatbots and assistants for colleagues and customers.
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Cloud services
Natively scalable solutions with guaranteed availability, provided by leading companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon.
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Open-source software
Cutting-edge technologies allowing for full data ownership and greater accuracy.